BankSA Statewide Under 17


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Monday, 5 January to Thursday, 15 January, 2015

The BankSA Shield, an Under 17 competition run by the SACA, will enter its 66th season when teams meet for a two week carnival in January 2014. Commencing in 1947/48, the carnival originally consisted of ten District teams and two country teams in what was known as the District Schoolboys Competition. This competition continued to grow and in 1973/74 was renamed as the Shell Shield. At this time, the competition consisted of 12 District club teams and two country teams. The carnival was held over a period of three weeks with each team playing 11 matches. The team that won the most number of matches was declared the winner of the carnival.

The competition is now known as the BankSA Shield and consists of sixteen teams, comprising twelve Grade clubs, SACA’s Under 15’s, a team representing Community Cricket and two country teams. Players in the two country teams have been selected based on their performance during the BankSA Under 16 Country Carnival held in Adelaide during December.

Teams are divided into two zones and play seven matches plus a round of finals to determine the placing for all teams. In a competition initiative, teams will play a Twenty20 double header on day one against different opposition. The two leading teams then play in a Grand Final on the last day of the carnival to determine the overall winner.