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What's New in 2014-15?

To take a look at what is new in MILO in2CRICKET 2014-15, please view our latest MILO in2CRICKET memo by clicking here

Promotion - what will SACA do for you?

The School Visit Program

SACA will be actively promoting MILO in2CRICKET through schools all around the state. This particular promotional program will be run in the last four weeks of Term 3 and the first 2 weeks of Term 4 to give junior primary students a taste of how exciting and fun MILO in2CRICKET can be, along with information about their local MILO in2CRICKET Centres and the next step for registering for the Program. 

Should you have any questions regarding the promotion or schedule of this program please contact Dale Osborne for further details

MyCricket – online administration of your Centre

MyCricket is going into its third year of use. Based on feedback from users there have been significant changes this season. All the changes have been made to try to simplify the process for you so that time spent administering your Program can be kept to a minimum and you can spend more time outside in the sunshine with the kids!

Please find below the new 2014-15 "How To" guide for getting started.

Online Payment

The online payment process means that money handling is a thing of the past! Parents/guardians can logon, register and pay for their child to participate in your Program with the click of a button.

Using this function will significantly reduce the amount of time spent collecting, counting and reconciling registration fees.

The online service provider is charging a 3.63% service fee per transaction to use the online payment system. This will be taken out automatically once a transaction has been made online.

Online Payment
To receive in your bank… You must charge What will SACA invoice the Centre?
$60 (no $5 rebate per participant) $62.50 $60
$65 (retain the $5 rebate per participant) $67.75 $60

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Participant registration

All children who participate in your Program must be registered online. All of the promotion that SACA does directs parents/guardians to the MILO in2CRICKET website where they can register their child. This means most of the children participating at your Centre should already be registered.

If a child comes to your Centre who has not registered, rather than having their parent/guardian fill out a manual registration that you will then need to enter online, give them one of these letters.

Add your own Centre details into the sections of the letter

highlighted in yellow, print out some copies and take them along to your sessions

As part of registering for the Program, each child receives a MILO in2CRICKET Pack. There are 2 different types of pack that children can order:

  • First Year – this pack is for beginners, it contains a double strap yellow backpack, t-shirt and bucket hat, sachet of MILO, a plastic bat, safety ball and a drink bottle.
  • Returning – this pack is for returning participants, it contains a double strap green backpack, t-shirt and bucket hat, sachet of MILO, a wooden bat, a ball and a drink bottle.

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Training and Education for Coordinators & Volunteers

 SACA strongly encourages you to attend a MILO in2CRICKET Training Course. The course is essential for new Coordinators and volunteers and a helpful refresher for existing Coordinators and volunteers. The course covers both the practical and administrative tasks involved with running a Centre.

Most importantly you will be taken through the major changes for the current season and how they may affect your Centre.

Extra giveaways you can use throughout the season will be distributed at the Training Courses.

The courses are FREE to attend and numbers are unlimited.

To book your place at the MILO in2CRICKET Training Course, select the course that is most convenient for you and click ‘Register now’

Please include the following details in your email:

in2CRICKET Centre Name:
Contact Phone Number:
Email Address:
Number attending from your centre:

MILO in2CRICKET Training Courses
Venue Day Date Time  
Adelaide Metro Adelaide Oval TBC TBC TBC TBC Register Now
Renmark TBC TBC TBC TBC TBC Register Now
Naracoorte TBC TBC TBC TBC TBC Register Now
Mount Gambier TBC TBC TBC TBC TBC Register Now
Arthurton TBC TBC TBC TBC TBC Register Now
Whyalla TBC TBC TBC TBC TBC Register Now
Tanunda  Barossa Aquatic & Fitness Centre TBC TBC TBC TBC Register Now
Port Lincoln Ravensdale CC TBC TBC TBC TBC Register Now
Clare TBC TBC TBC TBC TBC Register Now

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Centre Equipment

Centres running for the first time will be provided with a starter kit free of charge ($305.50 RRP)

Returning Centres can order up to $126.50 (inc. GST & freight) worth of equipment free of charge.

To receive your $126.50 worth of equipment, please email Dale Osborne for your voucher.

More equipment can be ordered at the Centres own cost.

Orders must be placed online on your MILO in2CRICKET Centre Management page on the MyCricket website.

Delivery will take between 7-14 days, please allow enough time for delivery so that your equipment arrives in time for your first session.

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Coordinator Scorecard rewards scheme

The Coordinator Scorecard Reward scheme is now available!

We have developed this initiative to show our gratitude to all centre coordinators for their efforts and to reward key achievements that occur throughout the season.

The Coordinator Scorecard is a list of achievements that when accomplished will entitle the centre coordinator and/or MILO in2CRICKET Centre to a reward for their efforts.

Click here to download your copy of the scorecard.

Play on Adelaide Oval

More information on this and opportunities will be available soon.

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Hints and Tips

Your first session can be a little chaotic with lots of children and parents attending for the first time! Here are a few tips to help things run smoothly

  • Make sure you have checked online to see how many kids have registered for your Program. That way you can make sure you have enough equipment and helpers for the first session. It’s a good idea to print off this list and take it out to the first session
  • Arrive nice and early so you have enough time to set the equipment up before the kids arrive
  • Make sure you are wearing your Coordinators polo shirt and bucket hat so you are easily recognisable to participants
  • If you are collecting the registration fee at the first session make sure you:
  1. Have a secure place to keep the money
    2. Have a helper to look after this for you, so you can look after the kids
    3. Have a float so that you can give change if required
  • Have a few ‘How to register online - Parent Letter’ printed off to give to parents who haven’t registered. They can register manually, however if they do it this way then the information still needs to be uploaded into MyCricket. So if you can get the parents to register their own child online then that is less work for you!
  • At the beginning of the session gather all the kids and their parents at the place where you would like them to meet each week. Introduce yourself and explain how the Program is going to work. It is also a great time to let parents know that you would like them to help with the activities each week. It is great for the kids to have a parent assist, they feel more comfortable and confident with a parent involved. This way parents can actively be involved in their child's development. The Coaching Cards you would have received in your coordinators pack are ideal to use to get parents involved.
  • In addition to this, start your session with a game that involves the kids and parents. Something like ‘Red Rover’ or ‘Parents vs Kids’ cricket match. You will be able to see the parents who are keen to get involved and then involve them in the rest of the season!

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Police Checks/Criminal History Assessments

For detailed information about this process and how to obtain a Police Check/Criminal History Assessment please click here.

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Weather Policy

Prior to the season starting you should contact all participants to let them know what your Heat/Wet Weather policy is and where they go to get the most up to date information:

  • Should they call or email the Coordinator?
  • Will something be posted on a website?
  • Will they receive a text message?

Always do everything you can to ensure sessions take place. You may be able to move to a school gym or other indoor facility or into your club rooms and conduct a Q&A session or activity sheet session (downloadable from the Kids Page of the Cricket in SA website).

If sessions have to be cancelled ensure that all participants and their families are informed well in advance.
Every attempt should be made to reschedule any session that may have been cancelled.

Heat Guidelines

Climate conditions vary throughout Australia and individuals’ tolerance of heat and humidity varies significantly. Cricket Australia recommends that clubs, schools and associations apply commonsense guidelines to climatic conditions that exist within their respective regions. The factors listed below should all be taken into consideration when determining if a session is to be cancelled or not:

  • What time of the day does the Program run?
  • How much shade is available at the venue?
  • Do participants have access to cool water?
  • How old are the participants?
  • Do all the participants have a hat?
  • Can we stop for regular drinks breaks throughout the session?

The above listed items are only guidelines and it is recommended that you consult with the respective guidelines of Sport Medicine Australia or health promotion organisation within your state or territory to assist in the development of local policies.

No participants should feel pressured to play in any conditions in which he or she feels uncomfortable. Ultimately, a participant’s parent/guardian has the right to decide whether their child will participate in a session or not. Coordinators and parents/guardians should encourage hydration before, during and after the sessions and monitor participants carefully for any signs of heat stress.

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Contact Details

MILO in2CRICKET is the National Grassroot Program for cricket in Australia. Cricket Australia have provided a brand new MILO in2CRICKET and T20 Blast Helpdesk service for those looking for further information and assistance with any of the national programs.

To contact the Helpdesk please email or call 1800 CRICKET (27 425 38) for any program related enquiries.

SACA also has a number of staff dedicated solely to the MILO in2CRICKET program.

Please see here for SACA contacts.