Junior Premier Cricket awards

Under 17 Competition (BankSA Shield)

The BankSA Shield, an under-17 competition run by the SACA, entered its 67th season when teams met for a two week carnival in January 2015.

Commencing in 1947-48, the carnival originally consisted of ten district teams and two country teams in what was known as the District schoolboys competition. This competition continued to grow and in 1973-74 was renamed as the Shell Shield.

At this time, the competition consisted of 12 District club teams and two country teams. The carnival was held over a period of three weeks with each team playing 11 matches. The team that won the most number of matches was declared the winner of the carnival.

The competition is now known as the BankSA Shield and consists of 16 teams, comprising 12 Premier clubs, SACA’s under-15’s, a team representing community cricket and two country teams. Teams are divided into two zones and play six matches plus a round of finals to determine the placing for all teams. The two leading teams then play in a Grand Final on the last day of the carnival to determine the overall winner. At the end of each carnival, a team of the year is selected and in the past, this team has travelled to play in South Australian country areas such as Mount Gambier, Port Lincoln, Clare, the Riverland and Yorke Peninsula.

Under 16 Boys
Season Club Season Club Season Club
1947-48 Sturt 1971-72 Glenelg 1995-96 Adelaide
1948-49 Sturt 1972-73 Woodville 1996-97 Salisbury
1949-50 Prospect 1973-74 Port Adelaide 1997-98 Northern Districts
1950-51 Port Adelaide 1974-75 Port Adelaide 1998-99 Southern District
1951-52 Adelaide 1975-76 Glenelg / West Torrens 1999-00 Sturt
1952-53 Prospect 1976-77 Salisbury 2000-01 Sturt
1953-54 Country Combined 1977-78 Adelaide 2001-02 Tea Tree Gully
1954-55 Country Combined 1978-79 Adelaide / Glenelg / Kensington 2002-03 Tea Tree Gully
1955-56 Port Adelaide 1979-80 Glenelg 2003-04 Adelaide
1956-57 Kensington 1980-81 Country 2004-05 East Torrens
1957-58 Woodville 1981-82 Glenelg 2005-06 East Torrens
1958-59 Prospect 1982-83 Kensington 2006-07 West Torrens
1959-60 Prospect 1983-84 Glenelg / Adelaide / Prospect 2007-08 West Torrens
1960-61 Glenelg 1984-85 Sturt 2008-09 Glenelg
1961-62 Sturt 1985-86 Prospect 2009-10 West Torrens
1962-63 Woodville 1986-87 Adelaide 2010-11 West Torrens
1963-64 Woodville 1987-88 Sturt 2011-12 West Torrens
1964-65 West Torrens 1988-89 Prospect / Salisbury 2012-13 Tea Tree Gully / Glenelg
1965-66 Adelaide 1989-90 East Torrens 2013-14 Country Black/Sturt
1966-67 Sturt/Glenelg 1990-91 Adelaide    
1967-68 Prospect 1991-92 Sturt    
1968-69 Port Adelaide 1992-93 Adelaide    
1969-70 Port Adelaide / Prospect / Sturt 1993-94 Kensington    
1970-71 Glenelg 1994-95 Tea Tree Gully    


Under 13 Competition (Ray Sutton Shield)

In 1979-80, the South Australia Cricket Association programmed and managed the under-13 boys “Savings Bank Shield Competition”. For this initial season, 12 clubs, including Edwardstown and Salisbury, were split into four groups.

At the conclusion of the minor round matches, the winners in each group played in semi-finals to determine the teams to compete in the final. The final was played on Adelaide No 2 and Sturt defeated East Torrens.

The 1982-83 competition saw a change of format from the previous concept of four zones. To give a greater depth to the series, the teams were grouped in two zones of six, allowing for each team to play each other once.

The competition was briefly referred to as the “State Bank Shield” from 1984-85 until 1990-91. After this time, the competition has been known as the Ray Sutton Shield, in recognition of the man whose idea and initiative it was to begin this competition.

Sutton began his cricket administration career at Prospect as Secretary, and during his time there, Prospect won seven premierships in 11 years. He joined the SACA in 1980 as the District Cricket Coordinator and during the next 10 years was instrumental in establishing this junior competition. After retiring in 1990 as the SACA Cricket Coordinator, the competition was named in his honour.

Today, the Ray Sutton Shield competition acts as an introduction for young crickets to Premier cricket. Clubs are split into two geographical zones with games exhibiting the best primary school cricketers from each zone. Six rounds have been scheduled on Sunday afternoons (including a semi-final round) and provides players with a chance to utilize the best Premier club facilities.


Under 13 Boys
Season Club Season Club Season Club
1975-76 Woodville 1991-92 Salisbury 2002-03 East Torrens
1979-80 Sturt 1992-93 Salisbury 2003-04 West Torrens
1982-83 Edwardstown 1993-94 Tea Tree Gully 2004-05 Southern District
1983-84 East Torrens 1994-95 Sturt (Blue) 2005-06 West Torrens
1984-85 Tea Tree Gully 1995-96 Adelaide (Gold) 2006-07 Kensington
1985-86 Tea Tree Gully 1996-97 Prospect 2007-08 Kensington
1986-87 West Torrens 1997-98 Northern Districts (Orange) 2008-09 West Torrens
1987-88 Sturt 1998-99 Southern District 2009-10 Adelaide
1988-89 Salisbury 1999-00 Prospect 2010-11 East Torrens
1989-90 East Torrens 2000-01 Tea Tree Gully 2011-12 Kensington
1990-91 East Torrens 2001-02 Southern District 2012-13 Glenelg
        2013-14 West Torrens
        2014-15 Sturt


Under 16 and Under 14 Competitions

Under 16 and Under 14 Competitions
Season Under 16 Red Under 16 White Under 14 Red Under 14 White
1978-79 East Torrens   Glenelg  
1979-80 Glenelg   Kensington  
1980-81 Adelaide   Sturt  
1981-82 Adelaide   Prospect  
1982-83 Glenelg   Glenelg  
1983-84 Glenelg   Southern
1984-85 Salisbury   Adelaide  
1985-86 Southern
  West Torrens  
1986-87 West Torrens   Adelaide  
1987-88 Tea Tree Gully   West Torrens  
1988-89 Prospect Tea Tree Gully Elizabeth East Torrens
1989-90 Elizabeth Adelaide Salisbury Glenelg
1990-91 Salisbury East Torrens Sturt Sturt
1991-92 Salisbury East Torrens East Torrens Glenelg
1992-93 East Torrens Glenelg Tea Tree Gully Salisbury
1993-94 Tea Tree Gully Tea Tree Gully Tea Tree Gully Adelaide
1994-95 Southern District West Torrens Tea Tree Gully Sturt
1995-96 Tea Tree Gully Sturt Sturt Sturt
1996-97 Sturt Southern
Kensington Sturt
1997-98 Tea Tree Gully Southern
Adelaide Sturt
1998-99 Tea Tree Gully Northern Districts Adelaide Sturt
1999-00 Southern District Northern Districts Sturt Glenelg
2000-01 Sturt Glenelg Adelaide East Torrens
2001-02 Adelaide Tea Tree Gully Southern
East Torrens
2002-03 West Torrens Southern
2003-04 Southern
2004-05 Adelaide Southern
2005-06 West Torrens Northern Districts Prospect Northern
2006-07 West Torrens Southern
West Torrens Adelaide
2007-08 Northern Districts East Torrens West Torrens Kensington
2008-09 East Torrens Tea Tree Gully East Torrens Sturt
2009-10 West Torrens East Torrens West Torrens Kensington
2010-11 Port Adelaide Kensington Adelaide Sturt
2011-12 West Torrens Prospect Sturt Kensington
2012-13 Woodville Sturt Northern Districts East Torrens
2013-14 West Torrens Tea Tree Gully West Torrens Kensington
2014-15 Kensington Tea Tree Gully Sturt Kensington