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Kanga Cricket is the next step in the cricket pathway after MILO in2CRICKET. Primary Schools enter teams who then play modified matches against other local primary schools at a central location during Term 1 and Term 4 each school year.

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Primary School Cricket Overview

There are thriving competitions throughout metropolitan Adelaide and some of South Australia’s larger country centres. These competitions aim to capture the children moving out of the MILO in2CRICKET program and involve them in their own cricket team. Matches are played every week during the cricket season meaning that the participants are fully immersed in cricket and develop a very strong attachment to the game. Young cricketers receive a good grounding in the skills and are ready to move into club cricket when they reach the middle-to-upper primary level.

Age Groups

  • Year 2/3 – Kanga Cricket
  • Year 4/5 – Junior Cricket
  • Year 6/7 – Senior Cricket

Brief Description

All age groups play 8-a-side cricket which promotes high levels of activity and maximum participation.

  • Kanga Cricket is a one hour game using plastic equipment, played on grass. Players bat in pairs for four overs
  • Junior Cricket is a two hour game using full equipment but a modified ball, played on a pitch. Players bat in pairs for four overs
  • Senior Cricket is a three hour game using full equipment and a leather ball, played on a pitch. Teams bat for 20 overs per side

School Involvement

These competitions ensure that primary schools in South Australia have access to cricket programs. Typically the school teachers and/or sports coordinators will take on the role of organising these teams while parent volunteers look after the actual coaching/managing on match days.

Driving Participation

We have found that a beginner is much less likely to take up the game in a club environment than they would in a primary school environment. There is a perception that if you play cricket for a club, it is assumed that you have some level of ability, can handle playing with a hard ball, are ready to play when-you're-out-you're-out cricket, want to play for premierships etc. Clubs are able to cater for the more talented and confident players but not necessarily someone new to cricket who is just starting out in the game. A child is more likely to take up the game in a school environment surrounded by their friends. Primary school cricket therefore plays a key role in introducing new players to the game and starting them on the cricket pathway.


For information on the primary school cricket competitions available in your area, please contact the SACA Cricket Department on 8300 3838 or locate the Regional contacts here.

MILO in2CRICKET School Ambassador program – free to join!

The MILO in2CRICKET School Ambassador program aims to identify and recognise a teacher in each Australian primary and secondary school who is committed to ensuring their students have every opportunity to get involved in cricket. All registered School Ambassadors will receive a MILO in2CRICKET School Ambassador pack containing apparel, school cricket resources and access to reward and recognition programs. In turn, the MILO in2CRICKET School Ambassador is asked to assist their local regional cricket manager in providing opportunities for students to be involved in cricket – either at school or at their local cricket club. To register, log onto the ‘Teachers’ section on today!